Baolu Yiteng (Zhejiang) Packaging New Materials Co., Ltd.
About Yiteng

About Yiteng

Baolu Yiteng is a professional packaging manufacturer which is one of the leading personal care and hygiene care packaging company in china with great reputation of R&D, high technology, high quality products and services.
About Yiteng

About Us

Yiteng packaging, better living.

Baolu Yiteng Packaging Company is the preferred flexible hygiene packaging manufacturer for your company's custom-manufactured barrier needs. Baolu Yiteng Packaging's reputation for superior service offers to the customers a personal touch with an international feel. 

Our main focus on ensures our customers brand standards are met by accommodating demanding delivery schedules and short lead times, delivering your product on-time, consistently and efficiently. We have BRC, ISO and SGS certificates to follow international standards.

Our History

Baolu Corporation, a cluster enterprise founded in 2003, specializes in the R&D, production and sales of plastic soft packaging materials and functional packaging materials, covering multiple fields such as food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, personal care packaging, daily chemical packaging, chemical packaging, medical devices, and masks.

Since 2003, Baolu Corporation has invested and established six companies: including Shanghai Baolu Packaging Co., Ltd., Sichuan Paul Packaging Co., Ltd., Shanghai Rongming Packaging Materials Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Baolu Packaging Technology Co., Ltd., Baolu Yiteng (Zhejiang) Packaging New Materials Co., Ltd., and Baobo New Materials Technology (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd., with four plants being located in Shanghai, Chengdu and Jiaxing. Nowadays, it has been gradually transformed to a cluster enterprise. For a long time, the people of Baolu have advocated seeking truth and pragmatism, strengthening their working skills, constantly exploring and forging ahead, as a result, the skilled R&D backbone, production team, and marketing elite have been cultivated.

Our History

Our Mission

Become the packaging enterprise with the most business spirit and cultural identity in China and world-widely.

Our Core Values

Embrace change

Unwilling to be a routinize, Unwilling to be in a rut, but to be out of the comfortable zone

Be bold in innovation

Reasonably doubt, carefully verify, dare to break through the routine, and put forward unique insights. Verify the results with practice

Pursue excellence

Dedicated, responsible, proactive, passionate, confident, networked, have teamwork, and instant action


Baolu Packaging is committed to providing the sustainable packaging solutions for customers, and becoming the packaging enterprise with the most business spirit and cultural identity in China and globally. Choosing collaboration to jointly solve tomorrow's challenges and discover innovative approaches that will shape tomorrow's hygiene products packaging and sustainable solutions.


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