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Sanitary Napkin Packaging

We guarantee that our sanitary napkin packaging is made from non-toxic, safe, and eco-friendly materials that meet global standards. Through our innovative approach and the use of modern technology, we are committed to manufacturing high-quality feminine sanitary napkin packaging pouch that not only ensures the safety and health of our consumers but also contributes positively to environmental sustainability. As a professional manufacturer of hygiene packaging,  our dedication to excellence and eco-consciousness is reflected in every package we produce, offering you a period pad packaging that is both reliable and responsible.

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Sanitary Napkin Packaging Specifications




Gravure printing(up to 11 colors)


Custom OEM and ODM Service

Style Options

Single Wipes bag, wipes bag roll film, wipes bag cutting roll


Dry lamination and Solvent-less lamination


China (Mainland)


Personal care, Hygiene care, and famine products.Women sanitary products- sanitary napkins, panty liner


Glossy, matte, hot stamping, gold sand, pearlized, drawing, laser, etc


Our MOQ is 1 ton (lower quantity can be negotiable)


We offer (available stock) free sample and customized samples


T/T, 30% deposit and mold making fee in advance,balance before shipment.

Sanitary Napkin Packaging Safety

With Sanitary Pad Packaging Safety as our guiding principle, we meticulously design our products to encapsulate trust, care, and protection. Our sanitary pad packaging pouch is engineered using the highest quality, non-toxic materials that adhere to stringent global safety standards, ensuring that every product you receive is not only safe but also environmentally responsible. We understand the importance of hygiene and the sensitivity of the products we encase, which is why we go above and beyond to guarantee that our sanitary pad packing offers unparalleled safety, preserving the integrity and purity of its contents. Choose our sanitary pads packaging, and embrace a product that cares for you and the planet equally.

Sanitary Napkin Packaging Design

Introducing our latest innovation in feminine hygiene solutions: sanitary napkin packaging designed to meet the needs of your business and your customers. Our sanitary pad packaging combines elegance with functionality, providing a discreet and hygienic product that integrates seamlessly into various retail environments. With sustainability and user-friendliness at the forefront, we empower businesses to offer products that make every woman feel confident and cared for, no matter their lifestyle. Elevate your product offering and customer satisfaction with our thoughtfully designed period pad packaging.

FAQs of Sanitary Napkin Packaging

Q: What materials are commonly used for sanitary pads packaging?

Sanitary pads packaging materials that ensure the product remains hygienic and is easy to transport and store. Common materials include plastic, biodegradable films, cotton, and paper. The choice of material often depends on the brand’s commitment to sustainability and the need for moisture and odor control.

Q: How should sanitary napkin packaging be disposed of?

Disposal methods depend on the type of sanitary pads packaging. If the packaging is made from recyclable materials, it should be recycled according to local guidelines. Non-recyclable packaging should be disposed of in the trash. It's important not to flush any part of the packaging or the product itself down the toilet, as this can cause blockages and environmental damage.

Q: What should consumers look for in sanitary pad packaging?

Consumers should look for sanitary napkin packaging design that meets their needs for hygiene, convenience, discretion, and environmental impact. This might include resealable packs, individually wrapped napkins, recyclable materials, and minimalistic designs. It's also important to consider the product's quality and safety, ensuring it meets regulatory standards.

Q: How does packaging impact the cost of sanitary napkins?

Sanitary pads packaging can significantly impact the cost of sanitary napkins. More elaborate, sustainable, or innovative packaging solutions may increase the product's price. However, many consumers are willing to pay a premium for products that offer environmental benefits or enhanced convenience and discretion.

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