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Company News

07, 2024
Baolu Yiteng: Stylish Protection with Modern Sanitary Napkin Packaging
Baolu Yiteng is at the forefront of innovation in sanitary napkin packaging. The company understands that packaging is not just about function but also about style and consumer experience. Our modern ...
07, 2024
The Production Environment of Baolu Yiteng
In the production and sales process of any commodity, the production environment and product quality are two crucial factors. The internal materials and external packaging of the product must be fully...
07, 2024
Baolu Yiteng: Glass Cleaning Wet Wipes Packaging
Baolu Yiteng is a leader in the packaging industry, and our glass cleaning wet wipes packaging is a testament to our expertise. Here are some key reasons why our packaging stands out. Firstly, our pac...
02, 2024
Baolu Yiteng Packaging to Showcase Innovation and Sustainability at ABC & MOM Exhibition in Indonesia
Jakarta, Indonesia - June 4th, 2024 Baolu Yiteng Packaging, a leading provider of innovative packaging solutions, is set to make a significant impact at the upcoming ABC & MOM Exhibition, schedule...
12, 2023
Full Fire Safety Training And Drills Were Successfully Completed
Safe production is the top priority of Baolu's production principles. In order to better implement the safety production policy of “safety first, prevention first”, further enhance the safety aw...