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Baby Wet Wipes Packaging

Baolu Yiteng is proud to introduce our latest innovation in packaging solutions, specifically designed for baby wipes. Our package of baby wipes not only keeps your wipes hygienic and safe but also ensures they remain moist and effective for every use. The materials we use for our packaging are of the highest quality, ensuring top performance. With eye-catching design and printing, our package of baby wipes is designed to stand out on the shelves, attracting the attention of discerning parents who prioritize quality and safety. As a professional wet wipe packaging manufacturer,  we offer customizable packaging solutions that can be tailored to meet your specific brand requirements.

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Baby Wet Wipes Packaging Specifications




Gravure printing (up to 11 colors)


Custom OEM and ODM Service

Style Options

Baby wipes bag, wipes bag roll film, wipes bag cutting roll


Dry lamination and Solvent-less lamination


China (Mainland)


Baby care, hygiene care, disinfection products, etc


Glossy, matte, hot stamping (gold, silver...), etc


Our MOQ is 1 ton (lower quantity can be negotiable)


We offer (available stock) free sample and customized samples


T/T, 30% deposit and mold making fee in advance, balance before shipment.

What Makes Baby Wet Wipes Packaging Different?

Package of baby wipes is designed with several specific features to cater to the needs of parents and caregivers, ensuring convenience, safety, and the preservation of the wipes’ moisture and cleanliness. Here are some key aspects that make baby wet wipes packaging different:

Re-sealable Closure: Most baby wet wipes come in packaging with a re-sealable closure, such as a plastic lid or a re-stickable adhesive flap. This design helps to keep the wipes moist for a longer period and prevents them from drying out after the package is opened.

Portability: Package of baby wipes is often designed for easy portability, allowing parents to carry them in diaper bags, purses, or strollers without taking up too much space. Some packages are compact and have a slim profile for this purpose.

Durability: The package of baby wipes is made to withstand rough handling, ensuring that it doesn’t easily tear or break and that the wipes remain sterile and moist. This is crucial for items that are frequently used on the go.

Dispensing Design: The package of baby wipes is often designed to dispense one wipe at a time, which helps to prevent waste and makes it easier for parents to grab a wipe quickly when needed.

Safety and Hygiene: The package of baby wipes is designed to protect the wipes from contamination and to ensure they remain hygienic. This is particularly important for wipes used on sensitive baby skin.

Eco-friendly Options: With growing environmental concerns, many brands now offer baby wet wipes in eco-friendly packaging, such as biodegradable materials or refillable options, to reduce plastic waste.

Specialized Features: Some baby wet wipes packaging includes additional features like thermal insulation to keep the wipes warm or specialized materials that protect the wipes from UV radiation, which can degrade certain ingredients over time.

What types of packaging are available for baby wet wipes?

There are several types of package of baby wipes, including:

1. Plastic tubs: These are reusable containers with a hinged lid that allows easy access to the wipes.

2. Soft packs: These are flexible plastic packs with a resealable sticker or plastic lid on top.

3. Travel packs: Smaller, more compact versions of soft packs, designed for convenience on the go.

4. Refill packs: These are designed to refill plastic tubs or to be used on their own, offering a more economical 

   and environmentally friendly option.

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