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Which Wet Tissue Packaging Is More Popular?

In today's market, wet tissue packagings have a variety of forms to meet the needs of different consumers. Faced with so many choices, do you also feel confused and don't know how to choose? As a matter of fact, the quality of wet tissue packaging is undoubtedly an important consideration when we shop. If the wet tissue packaging is of poor quality or unscientific, wet tissues can easily break, leak or spill, leading to bacterial contamination. However, using such wet tissues may actually pose a risk to our health.

Two Types of Wet Tissue Packaging

Individually Packaged

Each type of wipes is individually wrapped, which is both hygienic and easy to carry.

Simply Packaged Wet Tissues

It is sually sold in bags, each of which comes in various sizes of 10, 20 or 80 pieces. The sealing method is usually packaged with a sealing sticker or a sealing cap with a sticker.

There are also buckets or bottles of wet tissues that are very easy to extract. In addition to being sealed, they come with a cap that quickly seals after each extraction to ensure that the wet tissues are moist and hygienic.

Additionally, you may have noticed that some wet tissues are drawn in a similar way to toilet paper, allowing for easy extraction of multiple sheets, while some wet tissues are designed in a more detailed way to avoid this problem.

Two Types of Wet Tissues

The Continuous Extraction Design

It is convenient and fast, the excess fabric needs to be stuffed back into the package after extraction, which somewhat increases the risk of secondary contamination of the fabric. The wet wipes packaging materials of this usually are composite materials, such as PP and polyethylene (PE) composite materials.

The Discontinuous Design

It cleverly avoids this problem as it makes the exposed upper portion of the wet tissues easy to spot and therefore easy to remove.

The choice of wet tissue packaging is especially important when purchasing. A significant difference between disinfectant wipes and regular wet tissues is that disinfectant wet tissues not only have a cleansing function, but also a disinfecting function, which largely depends on whether the disinfectant penetrates into the wet tissues. If the sealing of disinfectant wipes packaging is not good, the water or active ingredients in the wet tissues will easily evaporate and affect the disinfecting effect. Ordinarily custom wet wipe packaging does not need to consider disinfection support.

Therefore, when purchasing wet tissues from wet wipe packaging manufacturer, it is recommended that preference should be given to small or individually packaged disinfectant wet tissues, as well as wet tissues with sealing caps and stickers with non-continuous suction design. This can effectively prevent the wet tissues from drying out, reduce the risk of microbial contamination and ensure safety and hygiene during use. In the meantime. It is also necessary to consider the material of the packaging, which will also have a great impact on the preservation and role of wet wipes.

Yiteng Pack's Advantages

In Yiteng Pack, roll film is a kind of wet wipes package. Rolling film is a high quality, durable material designed for safe and hygienic wipes packaging. It provides excellent moisture resistance, ensuring that the wipes remain fresh and effective. The rolling films' strong seal prevents leakage and its environmentally friendly material makes it a sustainable choice for consumers.

The wet wipes packaging of Yiteng Pack has a significant market advantage in the wet towel packaging industry. Its packaging solutions are known for their innovative design, high quality and environmental friendliness. Yiteng Pack's packaging materials are specially designed to maintain the moisture and freshness of the wet towels, ensuring that consumers receive optimum product quality. In addition, the packaging solutions are cost-effective, enabling the company to offer high-quality products while remaining competitively priced. The company's commitment to sustainability and environmental protection further enhances its market position as a reliable choice for wet tissue packaging.